The Beaches

If you're looking for a casual yet lively area, the Beaches may be the perfect place for you. This area encompasses Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville Beach, and Mayport. These coastal neighborhoods offer beachfront properties, including cute beach bungalows as well as sprawling oceanfront homes. Neptune Beach covers a small area of 2.5 square miles and is the youngest and smallest of the beach communities. Even though the area is smaller, there is an air of tranquility preserved with beautiful sandy beaches perfect for shell gathering and bird watching. Neptune Beach is also known for its attractive downtown area with boutiques, shops, and restaurants with love for the local arts and culture. Filled with single-family homes, Atlantic Beach is a mainly residential area. For outdoor lovers, the community has parks with walking and biking trails, as well as many outdoor events throughout the year. Jacksonville Beach is a lively area; filled with restaurants, bars, and clubs boasting some great nightlight and entertainment with an amazing view of the beach within walking distance. Known for their delicious Mayport shrimp, the fishing village of Mayport is one of the oldest in the country. A quick 15-minute drive from Atlantic Beach, Mayport offers a variety of single-family homes and apartments, which is convenient for both military personnel and civilians who work at Naval Station Mayport.

Jacksonville Beaches